Flexible Graphite Sealing Products: Packing, Tape, Die-formed Ring

Flexible Graphite Sealing Products include Flexible Graphite Braided Packing, Crinkled Graphite Tape, Die-formed Ring.

Main Characteristics and Properties

    • Heat and fire resistant
    • Chemical resistant, compatible with most chemicals
    • Compressible, conformable, low creep relaxation
    • Thermal conductive, electrical conductive

Working Temperature Range:
Oxidizing Atmosphere, such as air: -400°F to 950°F(-240°C to 510°C)
Mild Oxidizing Atmosphere of most gasket applications: -400°F to 1500° F(-240°C to 850° C)
Non-Oxidizing Atmosphere: -400°F to 5400°F (-240°C to 3000°C)

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Showing all 7 results